ADHD Online Offers Online Assessments and Identifies Responsible ADHD Care Plans

ADHD Online is building the gold standard for virtual ADHD care

As an organization that prides itself on offering ADHD online assessments with certified results from doctoral-level psychologists, ADHD Online has developed an industry-leading ADHD care plan that greatly improves access to care without sacrificing clinical reliability.

"Our goal has always been to improve patient access and lower cost while still upholding the highest standards of care. What we've created is an intelligent, logic-based system, which allows our providers to offer a high-quality assessment that considers every detail of their patient's unique story and needs. Because our patient-centered team uses experts in ADHD, we create a true partnership with patients. We do all of this at a fraction of the cost while also reducing wait times from 6-9 months to just a few days," said Dr. Randall Duthler, ADHD Online Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer. 

Recent articles from Bloomberg and WSJ stated that the demand for ADHD medications in the U.S. boomed in the second quarter of 2021, with sales jumping more than they had in nearly a decade. Improved access to mental health care is a good thing. Shortening timelines for obtaining treatment for ADHD is to be applauded. However, these improvements cannot come at the expense of clinical quality.

The access to drugs to treat ADHD is becoming more readily available, especially within the telemedicine industry. However, as Bloomberg reported, not all companies operate in a responsible manner and instead use the platform to prescribe medication that could cause harm to the patient. The rush to medicate has also resulted in other online ADHD businesses closing their doors.

ADHD Online not only takes its responsibility in ADHD treatment and assessment seriously, it follows a strict set of standards to approve patients before prescribing legal ADHD medications. 

ADHD Online is not advocating for treating all patients with medication and has no relationship with pharmaceutical companies. The company is LegitScripts certified and provides clinical assessments and diagnosis from doctoral-level psychologists in all 50 states. Their portable assessment and diagnosis are accepted nationwide by most providers and health systems.

Potential patients, including those who were previously diagnosed with ADHD, are required to undergo ADHD Online's comprehensive assessment so they can be reviewed and confirmed by ADHD Online. As part of their ongoing treatment plan, patients are encouraged by ADHD Online to see a therapist on a regular basis. 

After diagnosis, ADHD Online providers and patients develop a treatment plan which could include medication and therapy. Once a patient begins medication, ADHD Online requires an initial 30-day follow-up visit. If the patient is stable on their currently prescribed medications; the next step is a 90-day follow-up, which is repeated while in treatment. Throughout their care, patients contact ADHD Online to provide their monthly vitals. 

"ADHD Online is a true alternative to companies that shortcut proper diagnosis, wrongly prescribe, or over-prescribe patients suffering the effects of ADHD or mental illnesses," ADHD Online CEO and Co-Founder Zachariah Booker said. "We believe in assessing, treating, and helping all patients, while following all guidelines, regulations, and safeguards. We create a comprehensive treatment plan for our patients with their care team, including a psychologist and physician, that's both safe and effective. We welcome patients from any practice that suddenly find themselves without quality care." 

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